Houjicha Chiffon (Vintage design)

RM 148.00

Our standard Houjicha chiffon gets a new look! Now comes in multiple layers with double Houjicha-infused whipping cream and vintage piping decoration, this cake is going steal the show!

More info:

- 6"

- Signature flavour

- Made with organic flour, premium Houjicha powder, topped with Houjicha-infused dairy UHT whipping cream

- Low in sugar and oil

- NO artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives 

*Lettering service is complimentary

Differences between HOUJICHA VINTAGE cake and HOUJICHA STANDARD cake:

• Both are made with the same premium ingredients & @nikonekomatcha Houjicha powder
• Both are in 6”

• Houjicha (vintage) comes with piping decoration (which is made of Houjicha-infused whipping cream as well, NOT colouring)
• Houjicha (vintage) comes with LAYERS of cream in between (which means it contains DOUBLE the amount of Houjicha cream compared to our standard one)

In short, Houjicha (vintage) is for those who are looking for a fancier & creamier cake! And for those who wish our Houjicha cake comes with MORE cream, you’ll definitely love this!